Drive Home

Lately its been way to hot and miserable to get out and do much photography. I mean who in their right mind wants to go out in temps in the high 90s. Not me thats for sure, but i do miss my camera.

But i spent the nightbout in the country and took a couple shots along the dusty country roads.

Maybe mother nature will take pity on those of us who dont like the hot temps of the summers months and give us an Early long lasting Fall…fingers crossed!


Bountiful Blossoms

The blossoms are always a beautiful sight to see. I start out great but then i feel it, the sneezing and itchy face. I love these blossoms and Spring but hate the allergies.

It was worth it though!

Morning at the Park

Was a lovely morning, if not a bit to windy, to visit the park.  I thought things were going ok for the most part.  But the wind was not cooperating.  Every time I went to snap a photo the wind would blow and what I was pointed at would move.  So things turned out interesting.  I will definetly have to go back when it’s not as windy.

I also wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good day for the park.  There were families with children, walkers, fisherman etc.

South Dakota, are you Ready?

For awhile now I have been wanting to head back to South Dakota to mostly photograph the Badlands. Well it’s finally going to happen.  There’s a road trip in the very near future (June).  It should be an adventure thats for sure.  It started out as a “sister trip” but then we added my sister’s daughter in law.  Which is great, she’s super sweet and has never been.

Planning has begun on where all to visit while there.  On the list of must see is The Badlands of course, Wall Drug, I mean you can’t do South Dakota without stopping in Wall, Mt Rushmore and then where ever else we decide to go.

So wish us luck and stay tuned……

badlands map