Hot Summer Day

Sometimes you look out the window and think its so pretty out, big white fluffy clouds, green green grass and trees. It invites you to step outside. Then you open the door. And the realize the joke is on you and its HOT!

But today it wasnt horrible, the sun is wzrm but its tolerable out. So Charlie and I did a short drive just to get out for a bit.

My New Creative Outlet

IMG_0267The last few months have been crazy to say the least.  As a photographer I am constantly on the fence these days about do you or dont you go out. If you do is someone in authority going to send you home or if you go out is that the day you become unlucky.

So for the last few months I have not been out to do anything unless I had to go out. My creative side needed an outlet tho. I have always loved drawing and im constantly doodling on whatever is handy.  I like using pencil and hopefully at some point move on to paints, maybe lol

But Until I get back out into the world with gear in hand I have been trying to get better at my drawings.  Sometimes i fail miserably, atleast in my eyes, at the look im trying to acheive but thats ok. Nothing happens overnight, i just keep plugging along.

Here is a sample of something I did this morning.. its not even close to perfect I am liking it..