Clark Tower

Clark Tower built in 1926 is located in Winteset Iowa its made of Limestone and stands 25 feet tall.  It was built as a memorial to one of the counties first pioneer families.

You can climb the stone stairs to the second floor or climb the steep stairs to the top to see a view of the valley.   But the trees sometimes make that impossible.  The stairs to the top are steep and you have to be careful but it’s worth it as it the drive.

The road is one way and rather bumpy at times and you wonder if your vehicle will make it around some turns but it’s a great drive on a fall day.

There’s also the option of taking the mile walk (one way) from the park to the tower. As theres trails that would be worth the walk.



Cedar Bridge of Madison County

Cedar Bridge is one of the “famous” Bridges of Madison County.  Its one of 19 Bridges that were built in Madison County but only a handful are left standing today.

You can read about it here at the following website.

In 2017 the Bridge was destroyed by Arson but was rebuilt.