Little Disappointed

I am always looking to find new companies for printing my photographs and i’m willing to try new ones that I find. Found a new place recently, they offered alot of freebies so I thought i’d try them out.

I ordered several prints, in different sizes, just to see how the quality was between the smaller and larger prints. Am still waiting for those to arrive. It’s been over a week. And since I have the patience the size of a gnat, I wanted them last week.

Also ordered some window “clings” Their idea of a cling and mine are totally different. First the thing is alot bigger than what I thought it would be. And second it’s like a piece of cardboard with a plastic film over it. And the quality of the wording well I wasn’t overly impressed.

Those were shipped seperately, AFTER the prints were shipped and I got those today.

Shipping, like most places anymore, seems a bit on the high side. But then it’s via airmail and I only had two shipping options. The second options was alot more expensive.

Granted the items that I did order were free, but still, I expect a certain amount of quality. Especially if i’m going to be offering
these prints to people. But I will hold judgement on the pictures til I get them and can see what they look like.

But I would like to see them offer more shipping options.


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