The weather outside is……..

Winter will be over soon, but not soon enough for me. For the last few weeks we have had wierd weather, one day it’s almost 50 degrees then the next day it’s below freezing and snowing. Yesterday it was gorgeous out, roll down the window, crank the radio nice. Today it’s cold and going to snow. Pick one already and stick with it til it’s time to be gone. Not that I want tons of snow, I was thinking more the other end, the nice weather.

I find that when it’s nice like that i’m more active, I want to do more things. I feel more energized and productive. It just makes me feel good, then when it gets all dark and dreary again I feel sucked back into the winter blues. Like I said, pick one already.

This weekend it’s supposed to be nice (hopefully, fingers crossed)so I will be hitting the photo taking. I need to find some indoor shoot locations also. Thinking downtown skywalk, haven’t been down there for a long time, might be nice to see what all is new. Course i’ll probably get lost or something. Is it even possible to get lost in the skywalk, wonder if they have maps.

But I hope all is well with everyone, i’m off to be productive…..


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