Fall is here

It’s almost the end of October and I have been totally slacking on my blog.   But thats ok, just means i’m keeping busy..

Fall is  one of my favorite time of year along with spring.   I love the brilliant colors, the smells, the cooler temps.  Well for the most part the cooler temps.  It’s been an odd month with temps coming up and down.

Today tho, it’s going to be close to 70 with thunderstorms.  I’m looking out the window and all I see are black angry clouds, fog and it’s pouring down rain, I can hear the thunder booming overhead.  A lovely combination, needless to say it’s a good day to be indoors.  Which means I can actually write something.

I have pictures to post in a few days.  I didn’t get as many fall ones as I had hoped sad to say.  Our colors were late this year and it doesn’t take them long to fall to the ground.  But I will still be able to get some shots.  Hopefully they turn out well.

November is right around the corner and with it i’m sure snow.  I love the first snowfall but then i’m done with it. 

I’m off to make the best of a dreary day….Have a great one!


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