Morning Walk in the Country

Was a little warmer this morning, but that wind was still chilly.  But I wanted to get out before it started snowing.  Some of the paths are covered with a sheet of ice then snow and thankfully I didn’t land on my butt at any time.

I normally do not like winter, but being out in the country I seem to like it a little better than I do when i’m in the city.  Dont know why, maybe it’s because this is where I grew up, the place we all seem to come back to.   And I remember building snow forts as a kid and sledding down the drive and hoping the neighbor didn’t drive by at that exact moment.  And when it snowed enough to miss school, it was like christmas all over again.

So this week i’m liking winter a little bit more and being thankfull that I have these chances to enjoy it.

Stay Warm







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