Making Cards, a frustrating thing to do

So here I sit looking up print companies, there’s a ton of them out there.  Some I am finding rather frustrating when I look up how to create my own cards.  It keeps trying to get me to buy their already made up cards.  Um, no i’m trying to make my own thanks.

Im looking for simple and easy, nothing that takes a rocket scientist to figure out, cause let me tell ya, scientist i’m not.  I’ve had recomendations and yeah they are good sites, but frustration has set in with them too.

Maybe i’m just not in the mood to be sitting inside on a nice day.  Maybe I should be out taking pics instead of looking up companies that are kind of annoying me at the moment.  Maybe I should convince my lovely and wonderful sister (who i’m hoping will read this and see the lovely, wonderful part) to take pity on her equally lovely and wonderful sister and help me out.  I’m thinking my chances might be slim.  lol

So i’m off to the great outdoors to enjoy some beautiful fall weather and then convince my sis to help me out.

Enjoy this gorgeous Day!


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