Happy Fathers Day

June 22, 2015

Had a nice evening with dad and family, we went to a seafood place in Ankeny and it was actually pretty good.  Dad seemed to have enjoyed it as did the rest of the family.

It was nice seeing the family and being together.

June 21, 2015

Today we celebrate fathers, a day they deserve to have, to show them what they are to their kids.  I am lucky enough that I will be able to see my dad later today.  We usually go to his house for the day but tonight we are going to dinner.  Should be fun.

My dad is pretty cool, growing up I can remember him waking me up in the middle of the night so we could go for a drive around the back roads,  we had no destination in mind, just driving.  I loved it,  and maybe thats why I love taking the backroads, they bring back memories of growing up and driving with my dad.

He worked nights so sometimes he would get home early enough to meet the bus and would take one of us kids of  so we could spend time with him, doing whatever.  Secretly we all hoped we would get picked but be secretly disappointed if we werent.

I have so many memories of dad, him teaching me to play cribbage, learning to drive, fishing, riding with him mowing the fields, being larger than life, protecting his kids,  growing up we dont always appreciate our dads but now that im older I know. I know how amazing dad is, how much he does, and wants to do for his kids.  How he is always there.  How much he does love us even if he doesnt always say it.

I have had my moments with dad, times when we would bicker or disagree, but I always know dad is in my corner and I am in his.  I love my dad and he deserves to have a day just for him!

Happy Fathers Day Dad, your youngest loves you….


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