Reading, it’s not just a chore…


I am a reader, I love to read.  I have favorite authors that I like, which are to many to mention.  But when they come out with a new book, I am usually first in line to get it at the book store or the first one to put in a request at the library.  I am pretty sure the library cringes when they see my name, I request that many books.  I justify it as saying there are others who would enjoy it just as much as I would.  And they need new material anyway, so the request page on the library website is my friend.

But it’s been hot this week so I got a few books to read in the evenings.  The Drafter is a new series by an author I like but i’m a little nervous about starting a new series.  I loved her previous series and got attached to the characters.  But im going to give it a shot in the hopes that I like it.

The last two books, one author I like and the other is a new one.  So we’ll see how those go.  It wont take to long for me to read them as I can go through books in no time.

So If any one has any good book recommendations i’m always looking for new ones to read.  I like dramas, cheesy romance, paranormal, thrillers etc.


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