Listen While I Work

Normally as I work, whether I am editing or going through photos or i’m working on my blog I am music on or some kind of background noise.  That music playlist can depends on my mood.  Sometimes I need a little help keeping motivated so I include some upbeat keep you going songs and once in awhile im in the mood for mellow.  The best playlist has a combination of the two.

Here is my daily go to playlist.  Sometimes I add or take away a song, cause ya know how you hear a song in the middle of the night and you think how awesome that song is and then in the harsh light of day you think omgosh was I drunk when I was thinking how wonderful it was.. Yeah I have had a few of those songs.

But check out my partial playlist list and leave a comment if you have a song that I can check out.  I’m always looking for new ones for my playlist..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1.  Immune By Groenland

2.  Hard Time By Seinabo Sey

3.  Modern Drift By Efterklang

4.  The Hills By The Weekend

5.  Good Times By Ella Eyre

6.  Delilah By Florence and The Machine

7.  Soul of A Man  By Steven Stern

8.  Vengeance By Zack Hemsey

9.  You There By Aquilo

10.  Last Pale Light In The West  By Ben Nichols

11.  All Along The Watchtower, Alex Da Kid Remix By Jamie N Commons

12.  Gold By Adventure Club

13.  Lean On Me By Major Lazer

14.  Strange Enough By Verite

15.  Faded Lido Remix By Zhu


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