Holiday Traditions

As I sit here it is snowing. More noticeable than it was a few minutes ago when I tried to take a picture.  I am not sure if we will have a white Christmas but im partly hoping its gone by then.

Growing up and even a few years ago I wanted a white Christmas.  I wanted holiday traditions that included the fairy tale white christmas.

For a few years we would go up into the mountains when I lived in New Mexico and of course it would be snowing or there was snow already on the ground, but we would cut down our own tree.  I loved it, it would sometimes take hours for me to find the tree I wanted.  More often than not the tree I ended up with didnt always fit Christmas tree standards, but it was my tree and I loved it.

I love decorating, I would love to have a huge mantle that I could deck out, maybe some day.  But everyone deserves traditions, things they do every holiday, even if its something silly.

This time of year can be full of family drama, full of not so much Holiday cheer. But remember when your doing those traditions, sitting around the table, opening those presents.  Remember that its not about how many gifts you get or who gets the most expensive, its about the family and friends you surround yourself with.  Its about the traditions you start and continue.

And please remember when your belly is full and your wishing your Uncle from Fargo would go back where he came from, that not everyone is as lucky or as blessed as you and maybe in the new year you can start a new tradition to help those less fortunate.

Happy Holidays!


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