Country Gem

A few days before Fathers Day I was down at my dads, and normally I like to take the backroads.  The one that I normally take ended up being closed for some reason as I got towards the end of it and I had to find an alternative way around.  Which put me on some roads I hadn’t been on in years.  But sometimes things happen for a reason.

I came upon this marsh area that was actually nice.  I will have to go back and see what wildlife I can see on it the next time.

Neal Smith Nat’l Wildlife Refuge Pt 1

Visited the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge located outside Prarie City, Iowa…It’s definetly worth a visit, esp the visitor center which is full of displays and information.

Several walking trails also take you through the prarie with information boards and benches along the way and great views.. You can check out their website at the following.