McAlisters Deli comes to West Des Moines


Every once in awhile a new place to eat opens up and is worth talking about…That place happens to be McAlisters.

You would think its just like every other place out there but its not.  Today was not the grand opening but a test day for staff to see how well they do and to give people a taste of what they have to offer.  Best part, it was FREE!  Everything list on the menu was free, and you get a wide variety.

At the door there was an employee handing out menus and explaining what was going on and once inside management was explaining how it was a training day and making sure everything ran smoothly.

The Deli was filling up but the lines moved quickly.  You go to the counter place your order and then they call your name when ready.   I placed my order of the McAlisters Club with my side of fruit, ice cold coke and Sugar cookie.

The coke was nice and cold and actually tasted like coke and not some watered down sugary gross drink you sonetimes get at resturants.  The fruit was sweet and good.  The sandwhich was packed with meat and toppings and was delicious.

The cookie im eating as i write this, it might be my favorite. There was a choice of choc chip or sugar. I got the sugar.  Its crispy on the outside and chewy in the center with a hint of lemon…

Overall the staff was friendly and helpful, the food was good and its a place you should definetly check out if you have one near you.