Blooming Good Day pt 2


Morning Flowers

The heat of summer is hanging on with a vengeance, dragging us down with high heat and humidity.  Doesn’t make me want to get out and enjoy the last days of summer but get out I did.  I wanted to get some shots of the birds at the bird feeder but I ended up enjoying their antics as they bickered over the seeds.  Thought about the squirrels, one visits every morning staring in through the window, scaring the crap out of me when I don’t realize he’s there.  But by the time I reach for the camera he’s gone.

So I went with the flowers for this round.  I can’t help but admire their beauty and want to capture them when I can.  I was out for awhile, thankfully they are partially in the shade so I didn’t boil to much.  And when your moving around you tend to forget how warm it really is til you walk back into the welcome coolness of the house.

But i’m glad I was able to enjoy the morning before it got to horribly hot…

Rainy Day Blooms

Couldnt resist the blossoms on my outing yesterday afternoon.  And the sun is out today so will revisit and get some more photos, hopefully there also wont be much of a breeze!

Lilacs and Clouds

Despite the gusty “breeze” and the cold start to the morning, the day didnt turn out so bad.  The lilacs are blooming and the smell hits you the second you open the door.  I plan to spend a little more time on them once they bloom more.

And the clouds, I like clouds, especially the big fluffy ones you get on windy days like this.  Trip to the lake and river planned for tomorrow, so keep fingers crossed I get another sky like I got this afternoon!

Cant Get Enough Of The Park

Just had to make another trip to the park and I wasnt the only one with that idea.  There was alot of people walking along the trails, riding bikes, even moms with their yoing kids.  Theres also a few places you can fish, saw a few people fishing but dont know if they caught anything. But it was definetly a good morning.