Greenwood Park 2




Morning Drive

Since it was another beautiful morning I couldnt resist getting out of the house and going for a drive. The weather was almost perfect except for the storms that were moving in.

I headed out of town not really having a destination in mind, but ended up going towards Dale Maffit Reservoir.  Its about 15 minutes or so from the house depending on traffic. Once at the lake I travelled the roads stopping to watch the deer and turkey in hopes of seeing a fawn or two but no such luck. They were probably hiding in the tall grass.

The lake access is divided into two areas, the first entrance has acres and acres of open prarie and timber. In the fall its gorgeous.  The roads lead you into the timber where you find hundreds of towering oaks with glimpses of the lake. In this area theres spots for grilling and picnics. Some are in the timber and a few are not far from the shore.

The other entrance on the other side the area isnt as large but its just as nice with easier access to the lake. Miles of trails are on both sides.

The area is great for picnics, hiking, fishing or just spending a lazy afternoon doing nothing. I saw a total of 2 cars while I was there, an older couple and a nice man that worked for the city.  I think he stopped just to see what I was doing, enjoying the morning thanks!

There is an old cemetary as you leave the oaks, im not sure of its history  but im interested to find out.  But enjoy the pics!

Cant Get Enough Of The Park

Just had to make another trip to the park and I wasnt the only one with that idea.  There was alot of people walking along the trails, riding bikes, even moms with their yoing kids.  Theres also a few places you can fish, saw a few people fishing but dont know if they caught anything. But it was definetly a good morning.

Just Because I Like Bridges

I have always liked taking pictures of buildings, bridges, doors etc,  was at the park this morning and spent a little time on one of their bridges. I just had to make sure I didnt get run over by everyone on their bikes.  Its a popular place for biking.

Another Windy One

This time of year always seems to be windy, atleast when I decide to go out.  This day was a bit cool but still gorgeous.

The butterfly let me get really close, I was worried I would scare it off but it didn’t seem to worried about what I was doing.