Nice Morning At Lake – Part 1

Was a nice morning for a drive, there was a chill in the air that felt good after the heat we had been having.  I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go but I knew I wanted to see water and was hoping for some fall colors.  I got both, sort of.  I decided on Easter Lake, its on the outskirts of Des Moines and is a 172 acre lake thats full of walking and biking trails, trails through the woods, fishing, swimming, shelters for gatherings, boating.  It’s basically a good place to take the family or just go by yourself and enjoy some quiet time.  Once I started to drive around and stopping here and there I didn’t realize how big the park really was and I only covered half of it.  The place was full of wildlife, birds, geese, cranes etc, deer and raccoons. There was even a covered bridge that was a total suprise.  I plan to go back and explore the other side once the colors start to pop more.  But there was alot of people walking, bird watching, photographers, fisherman etc.  There was some color but not alot, it’s in the beginning stages. so hopefully before to long there will be alot more.  But enjoy the pics and I included a link to the park.

Rainy Day at the Lake

I hadnt planned on doing much today since it was supposed to be stormy, but I was headed to my sisters and decided to stop at a camping area along the river, people mostly go there for gatherings, cook outs, etc.  Theres also miles of trails for walking and biking along with boating access to the river. When I got there, it was cloudy and looked like it could rain but i thought a few quick pics and I would be out of there.  I parked the truck and walked to a table along the river and of course it would start to sprinkle  but it wasnt to bad.  And of course I thought it would stop and I could make it to the deck further up and I did, but then it started pouring.  Not some nice little spring shower, but a downpour, and it was a chilly rain.  I had a jacket but it was useless and soaked  by the time I made it back to my truck. Overall the stop was good, I didnt mind to much ending up resembling a drowned rat.  The rain has stopped for now, but I think I am done for the day.  I get to take my nephew to his game later and he has told me emphatically there is to be no pictures…maybe I can sneak one!