I Could Take Him Home

I sometimes consider myself more a cat person even tho i love both and have had both. But cats and kittens hold a special place for me.  My own are slowly passing away and I am down to 3 furbabies now. And i have been saying when these are gone I just might do fostering or not have any at all. Losing them gets harder with each one that passes.

But then you see one like this that is just to cute. Hes my dads and he was watching everyone moving around in the kitchen. At one point Charlie the Dog had been standing there and the kitten was using him like he was the arm of the chair.

Animals always bring a smile to my face and always makes me rethink how many I should have…1 more cant hurt, Right?




Morning at the Park

Was a lovely morning, if not a bit to windy, to visit the park.  I thought things were going ok for the most part.  But the wind was not cooperating.  Every time I went to snap a photo the wind would blow and what I was pointed at would move.  So things turned out interesting.  I will definetly have to go back when it’s not as windy.

I also wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good day for the park.  There were families with children, walkers, fisherman etc.