The Challenge

Sometimes I agree to something and then wonder what the heck I was thinking!  My sister and I have decided to do a Plank Challenge.  More like she decided and then asked me and I agreed.

For the Month of July we will be doing our daily suffering, I mean our daily Plank meant to help strengthen our core and make us healthier.  Which who couldnt be a little healthier right?

Tonight was our first day, im getting my Game of Thrones fix and I hear the phone dinging and I figure it’s my sis telling me what time were going tomorrow, but oh no, it’s the “did you do your plank”  Noooo, but i’m going to right now..”no slacking” she says.  and she would know if I was too..

20 seconds you would think isn’t that long, you look at a plank and think piece of cake.  Let me tell ya, i have done planks a few times, but not for very long and if your not used to it, you do feel it.  But im game and I will continue to plug along with her and hopefully by the time it’s done I will be able to hold that plank for 120 seconds and it will have done some good and it will be something I continue with..

So wish me luck!

Ending Thoughts for the Night

“This time I will be
Louder than my words
Walk with lessons that
Oh, that I have learned
Show the scars I’ve earned
In the light of day
Shadows will be found
I will hunt them down “

     The words above are from one of my favorite songs and every time I hear them I get this catch in my body, they resonate within me. They are powerful words to some, especially the phrase “ this time I will be louder than my words”. How many times have we wished we were that, louder than our words? How many times have we wished our voice was louder than what it was?

Every day each of us walks with lessons learned, some learned the hard way. And every day we live with the choices we made because of those lessons. I walk with mine and with the scars I earned, scars if given a choice I dont know if I would give up. Those lessons and scars make make me who I am. They form our lives, they shape who and what we become, it’s never ending.  How many lessons and scars will we earn in our lifetime?

Life isn’t always meant to be easy, and we fight every day whether we realize it or not, we fight for ourselves, our family, each other. We learn to be strong and tough, we learn to be compasionate and have empathy for others. We try to be better than the day before.

When you go through your day think about the lessons you have learned, the scars you have earned. Think about how you want to be heard….

A Worthy Cause for American Lung Association

One of my amazing nephews is taking up the cause for The American Lung Assoc and is looking for support for this worthy cause. My nephew Tyler, a firefighter/emt, along with many others will be making the climb in designated buildings in the downtown Des Moines, Iowa area, some of these buildings are 18 plus stories, so they will be earning every penny.  Money donated goes to research and education.

So if your in the area stop by and lend your voice in support of these men and women as they climb, donate if you want, or leave a comment with words of encouragement for Tyler. Which ever you choose it will be appreciated

Check out Tylers donation page, by clicking on the logo, if you would like more information on this climb.

Thank You!


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