If Only it WAS Fall

As I sit here it is 73 degrees, its July and it feels like fall.  Not that I am complaining by any stretch.  I love this, weather like this is what I wish it would be year round.  But sadly that doesnt happen.

When I woke up it was actually chilly, jacket weather.  It was invigorating and I knew I couldnt waste the morning sitting indoors tho.  I headed to a small park not far from here. Thankfully I had it all to myself. Normally I will encounter a few joggers or people with their dogs, but not today.

Got a few photos and have going back on my to do list for tomorrow.  Supposed to be another fall like day…Cant wait!

Morning Drive

Since it was another beautiful morning I couldnt resist getting out of the house and going for a drive. The weather was almost perfect except for the storms that were moving in.

I headed out of town not really having a destination in mind, but ended up going towards Dale Maffit Reservoir.  Its about 15 minutes or so from the house depending on traffic. Once at the lake I travelled the roads stopping to watch the deer and turkey in hopes of seeing a fawn or two but no such luck. They were probably hiding in the tall grass.

The lake access is divided into two areas, the first entrance has acres and acres of open prarie and timber. In the fall its gorgeous.  The roads lead you into the timber where you find hundreds of towering oaks with glimpses of the lake. In this area theres spots for grilling and picnics. Some are in the timber and a few are not far from the shore.

The other entrance on the other side the area isnt as large but its just as nice with easier access to the lake. Miles of trails are on both sides.

The area is great for picnics, hiking, fishing or just spending a lazy afternoon doing nothing. I saw a total of 2 cars while I was there, an older couple and a nice man that worked for the city.  I think he stopped just to see what I was doing, enjoying the morning thanks!

There is an old cemetary as you leave the oaks, im not sure of its history  but im interested to find out.  But enjoy the pics!

Rainy Day at the Lake

I hadnt planned on doing much today since it was supposed to be stormy, but I was headed to my sisters and decided to stop at a camping area along the river, people mostly go there for gatherings, cook outs, etc.  Theres also miles of trails for walking and biking along with boating access to the river. When I got there, it was cloudy and looked like it could rain but i thought a few quick pics and I would be out of there.  I parked the truck and walked to a table along the river and of course it would start to sprinkle  but it wasnt to bad.  And of course I thought it would stop and I could make it to the deck further up and I did, but then it started pouring.  Not some nice little spring shower, but a downpour, and it was a chilly rain.  I had a jacket but it was useless and soaked  by the time I made it back to my truck. Overall the stop was good, I didnt mind to much ending up resembling a drowned rat.  The rain has stopped for now, but I think I am done for the day.  I get to take my nephew to his game later and he has told me emphatically there is to be no pictures…maybe I can sneak one!