Prarie Wildflowers

My family is big into conservation and my dad does a wonderful job at doing his part, whether it’s building bat houses for bats in the timber, planting trees, setting land back into native grasses etc.  The family farm is a habitat for wildlife, native grasses, wildflowers and more.

This year he set back several acres for wildflowers and boy have they become my favorite place for photos  lol….So I apologize for the overload for the next few days of the colorful array of blooms and whatever else I throw in there…

Neal Smith Nat’l Wildlife Refuge Pt 1

Visited the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge located outside Prarie City, Iowa…It’s definetly worth a visit, esp the visitor center which is full of displays and information.

Several walking trails also take you through the prarie with information boards and benches along the way and great views.. You can check out their website at the following.